Itchy Feet RV Inspections recommends Fluid Sampling & Analysis for both new and used RVs on an regular basis.

These tests help to determine the health of the engines in motorized RVs, tow vehicles, towed vehicles and installed generators. Think of this as “blood work” for your vehicles.

These samples can help to identify problems with these components, saving thousands of dollars in repair costs by identifying small problems before they become major ones. Understanding what’s going on inside can only be accomplished through oil and coolant analysis.

Benefits from Fluid Sampling & Analysis

  • Increase Resale Value
    • Having a history of oil and coolant analysis showing a clean and wear free system makes your sale all that much easier due to reduced buyer’s risk.
  • Minimize Warranty Risks
    • Coolant and oil analysis reduces warranty risks by keeping wear to a minimum. Saves you money by detecting problems that could result in a breakdown and an expensive tow cost.
    • Lets you know if you can safely extend your oil change intervals (some Class A owners are already running up to 25,000 miles between engine oil changes).
    • Gives you the Peace of Mind knowing your RV and towing vehicles stay as reliable and “worry free” as possible.
    • Provides evidence of component overheating, fatigue and metal wear.
    • Helps by identifying contamination of vital fluids indicating problems.

NOTE : Fluid Sampling & Analysis can be done independently or in conjunction with an “Itchy Feet” inspection.

Sample Report

At Itchy Feet RV Inpections we test :

Engine Oil, Coolant or Transmission Fluid for all of the following :

  • Motorhome
  • Generator
  • Tow Vehicle
  • Towed Vehicle (Toad)

How to find us: Look for us on our web site, the NRVIA locator site  or Google