Introducing a new offering from Phyllis and Mike! We are calling it Itchy Feet Productions.

Itchy Feet Productions - Sunsets, RVs, Drones, and more!

Now we are offering promotional video productions. Take a look at our prior work and contact us for a video or photo editing of your own. Our prices will beat the competition! We specialize in Travel and RV topics, but would love to specialize in YOU!


View ALL of our videos on our YouTube channel HERE. (By the way, we appreciate a subscribe and a like on our channel!)

Photo Editing

We love to play with photos. Took a photo and missed someone.. No problem, I can add them back in. Or in the case of the following, I took a picture on a crowded day, but didn’t want the woman in front.. so edited her out. (Slide bar left and right to see the difference.)


Or in the case below, at Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, there was a two hour wait to walk out onto the bridge. We decided just to photoshop us onto the photo of the empty bridge.

360 degree Photography

So challenge me!! I’m ready. Call for a quote!