These topics represent the most often asked questions to Itchy Feet RV Inspections. If you do not find an answer here please contact us.

No, it is not required. We love to meet our clients and you are welcome to attend if you would like to. We request that distractions be kept to a minimum so that we can stay focused, in order to provide a quality inspection.. We will gladly answer any questions you may have, we request that you save them until the inspection is completed.

Payment in Full is required prior the inspection. Once your inspection is scheduled, we will send you an estimate that details the services you have requested and our standard contract. You can review and sign these electronically. After the contract is accepted we will send you an invoice for payment. We accept on-line payments using PayPal or Venmo. Cash is also acceptable. We do not accept checks.

We try to be flexible and accommodating. Once an inspection is scheduled, the client has up to seven days PRIOR to the scheduled inspection to cancel for a full refund. After seven days, a 10% charge will be withheld and the balance refunded. On or after the day of the scheduled inspection, no refunds will be given. If the inspection cannot be performed, travel costs will be deducted and CREDIT for future inspections will be applied to the clients account.

Yes. A contract will protect all the parties involved in the inspection process. It will provide the client with the inspection criteria and expectations. The contract will detail the Inspectors check points and obligations to the client.

There are many factors that may influence scheduling: inspector availability, seller availability, weather, travel, etc. We will do our best to meet YOUR needs. Many times, an inspection can be scheduled for the next day.

Every Inspection is different the Essentials Inspection takes as little as 4 hours while the Premier Inspection can take as long as 12 hours. The length of time to do the inspection varies based on the type of RV, amount of installed equipment and the number of issues identified. We will not rush our inspections. We want to provide the best inspection possible and will take whatever time is necessary to complete the job. Note: Time will be reduced with multiple inspectors.

Yes, to do our best inspection and for safety reason it is optimal to avoid inclement weather. If the weather is not optimal on the day of your inspection we will contact you and discuss whether you would like a partial inspection of to reschedule at the soonest available date.

Yes. Unfortunately, serious issues can be found on new RVs, directly out of the factory. Dealer pre-delivery inspections are limited in scope due to the time it takes to perform the inspection and the lack of trained inspectors at the dealership.

Yes! Most dealers are very accommodating in having an independent inspection. Please ask the dealer what their policy is regarding independent inspections. Proof of insurance can be provided upon request.

Without a source of water, electricity, and sewer (FHUs) a comprehensive inspection CAN NOT be performed. Itchy Feet RV Inspections recommend that the RV be taken to a RV Park, or other location with full hook-ups, for the inspection. When no other option is available, an RV park can work out well because most have good parking areas and full hookups. The down side is the cost for two nights stay and limited availability during the winter months. Other options may be available so talk with us about your unique situation.

Hopefully, this situation can be avoided with clear communication between all the parties involved. Refer to the refund policy above. If this situation occurs, you will immediately be contacted to discuss.

Itchy Feet Inspections would be very concerned if the owner/seller would not allow an independent inspection prior to the sale. Is the seller afraid of what might be found that they have not disclosed? What is the seller trying to hide? It is your money and you should have the opportunity to know exactly what you are spending it on. Do you want to take a chance and make the purchase without an inspection? Or do you walk away from the deal to find another RV, with a different seller, who is more accommodating and up front.

Once you find the RV you want to purchase, work with the seller to have a written purchase agreement that gives you a set number of days to have the inspection and financing completed prior to completing the sale. If you place a deposit, make sure it is refundable if you decide not to purchase the RV within the time frame and conditions agreed upon. There are many Purchase Agreement Forms on-line. Itchy Feet Inspections does not provide legal advice.

As soon as the inspection is finished, the inspector will return the RV to the condition it was upon arrival. If you are at the RV, the inspector will go over the preliminary results with you and answer any questions you may have. Within 24 hours, the inspector will finish the report, email or text you a link so that you can view it on-line. The inspector will request a time to discuss the inspection report and any issues found. A hard copy will be provided if requested.

We are willing to go just about anywhere to perform an inspection. Up to 50 miles of travel, one way, is built into each inspection price. We charge an additional $0.75 per mile for a round trip travel in excess of 100 miles. We want our inspector to be well rested prior to the inspection to do their best job for you. If the one way trip distance is in excess of 200 miles, we charge Per-Diem and appropriate M&IE as based on the rates used by the DOL and GSA located at .

Long distance travel become rather expensive. We recommend that you seek a certified inspector in the area where the RV is located. You can find a certified inspector by going to

No. The inspection report and issues found are only discussed with the client and those who specifically designated. As the client you are free to share the report with anyone you would like. The only exception is that we will disclose Life Safety issues to anyone involved, we don’t want to put anyone in harms ways.

Inspections are available to anyone wanting one done. There are many situations where an inspection can be helpful. Typically we think of the buyer as our client (and may have some verbiage that is not accurate on this website) but it is not unusual for the seller, owner (with no sale in mind), lender, etc. to want an inspection.

  • Buyers have pre-purchase inspections done to highlight issues that could cause problems in the near future. It is important to have that independent evaluation on the condition of the RV to help negotiate a price that takes needed repair costs into consideration. When purchasing a new RV it identifies problems that must be fixed prior to accepting delivery of the RV and shortening the wait time on repairs.
  • Sellers can have inspections done prior to selling to help to set the price for the RV based on its current condition. Having a recent, certified inspection report to provide to potential buyers can be reassuring and help make the sale.
  • Current owners have inspections done to identify small problems before they become major ones. A little preventative maintenance now is much cheaper than major repairs in the future.
  • Warranty Issues. Find out what needs to be repaired BEFORE your warranty has expired. Allow enough time to schedule an appointment with a Warranty Center for your particular RV. Please be aware that warranty scheduling and repair can be months out.

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