The following preparation details are required PRIOR to Itchy Feet RV Inspections arrival at the RV location.

Thank you for selecting Itchy Feet RV Inspections.

Our goal is to provide you with a objective inspection report detailing the condition of the RV you have selected. The following requirements must be met to make sure the client receives a comprehensive inspection report.  If the requirements are not met, there will be items on the inspection that the inspector will be unable to accomplish, reducing the value and accuracy of the inspection. 

If a requirement is not met, the inspector will attempt to contact the client first before notifying the seller of the problem.  The inspector will continue the inspection while the seller and buyer work to remedy the problem. If the problem is unresolved, the inspector will mark inspection points that cannot be inspected as “Not Inspected” (N/I).

Preparation checklist

  1. The client is responsible to communicate with RV Owner to schedule the inspection and communicate these requirements for the inspection.
  2. The Inspector must be provided with keys or codes for all doors, compartments and ignition.
  3. Connect RV to appropriate 20, 30, or 50 Amp electrical service required for the RV.
  4. Connect RV to city water. And fresh water tank must be half full.
  5. Connect to an external waste disposal system.
  6. Park the RV on a level, stable surface with all slides (if applicable) extended..
  7. Assure Coach Batteries are installed and charged.
  8. Propane tanks must be installed and one must have at least a half tank of propane.
  9. The Refrigerator/Freezer and Water Heater must be turned on 12 hours minimum before the inspection.
  10. There cannot be showings or maintenance performed on the RV for the duration of the inspection which may be up to eight hours.

Itchy Feet RV Inspections will not share the Inspection Report with anyone other than the client that paid for the inspection. If the client wishes to share results, it is their right to do so. The only exception to this is if the inspector identifies any LIFE SAFETY ISSUES which will be provided to all parties.

Itchy Feet RV Inspections DOES NOT provide advice on repairs, purchase decisions, or RV value.

How to find us: Look for us on our web site, the NRVIA locator site  or Google