Car Doorstep

What a cool little tool to help you step up and reach the top of your vehicle, to wash, to load…. for anything.  I always struggle with this.  There are actually a number of brands and varying prices.  This was … Read More

SHURFLO New 3.0 GPM RV Water Pump

SHURFLO 4008-101-A65 New 3.0 GPM RV Water Pump Revolution, 12V This little 12V pump is a “quiet” model. Standard water pumps are noisy and a bit obnoxious. I purchased this unit and replaced the original one that was failing. It … Read More

Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar

This is a high quality tow bar that contains many safety  features to make towing a car behind your RV easy. When hooking up, you don’t need to be exactly right on. During disconnect you depress the two locking levers … Read More

Blue Ox BX8870 KarGard Vehicle Protector

When you “flat tow” a vehicle behind your motor home, it needs to be protected. This KarGard attaches to a Blue Ox tow bar and serves the intended purpose. It is easy to install and works well.

Camco 35ft Premium Drinking Water Hose

Never use a standard garden hose for your fresh water. Use a drinking water safe hose, designed specifically for potable water. This hose is a step above the cheap white plastic hoses. I’ve had connection failures, kinks, and leaks with … Read More