This is why you need an inspection.  Don't let this be you!

When questioning why, remember that most of us have heard the horror stories of purchasing a “lemon” RV. Full disclosure – RV repairs are expensive! Don’t let this be you!

New or Used

Both new and used RV’s are inherently complicated machines. They have all the comforts, conveniences, and amenities of a stationary home. However, since they have wheels and are mobile, they are subjected tor a variety of road surfaces, at high speeds, under continually changing weather conditions. These challenges lead to destructive issues never encountered in stationary houses.

In addition, they have a multitude of components and systems not required in a brick and mortar building. Did you know RVs have as many as three electrical systems? Five fuse/breaker panels? Two water systems? And Six large volume liquid storage tanks? This is just a sample of the complexity and why you need an inspection. This is how Itchy Feet RV Inspections can help you!


  • Identify Life Safety Issues, before a disaster happens
  • Create confidence of making an informed decision
  • Know what you are buying, before you buy it
  • Assist in price negotiation for repairs desired by buyers
  • Identify full disclosure of potential issues from the seller
  • Potentially find critical problems before they ruin your trip
  • Identify needed repairs / updates to avoid future damage
  • Identify problems in a new or used RV while still under warranty

How to find us: Look for us on our web site, the NRVIA locator site  or Homegauge Inspection Software Site