Texas, Sweetwater – National WWll WASP Museum

National WWll WASP Museum

210 Avenger Field Rd

Sweetwater, TX 79556-4114

(325) 235-0099


Website: https://www.waspmuseum.org/

Rated as: Above Average

  • Rate Paid: Free Harvest Host
  • Discounts: none
  • Site:
  • Stay duration: Dec 1, 2023 – Dec 2, 2023
  • Number of Sites: 5
  • Utilities: none
  • Park WIFI: none
  • Personal WIFI:  Starlink – Excellent
  • Verizon Phone – good
  • Laundry Facilities:no
  • Cable TV: no
  • Clubhouse: no
  • Pool:no
  • Hot Tub: no
  • Activities: no
  • Pickle ball courts: no
  • Propane station: no
  • Dump station: no
  • Mailing address: 210 Avenger Field Rd Sweetwater, TX 79556-4114

 The WASP Museum has a large parking area on one side of the buildings for Harvest Host members. The parking area is packed gravel, large, but not very level. It took several tries to get setup. That said, touring the museum was worth the effort. Visiting the museum is free, however, donations are requested. WASP is a acronym for WWll female pilots. These women volunteered to serve, though not in combats rolls. They shuttled aircraft, towed targets, and even trained men pilots for battle. It was a very interesting museum that has very little historical publicity. Sadly, after the war ended, the WASP effort was classified and not released until the early 1970’s.  I would highly recommend visiting the museum.   Rated as: Above  Above Average.

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