Going Home

Going home means different things to different people. In the RV, going home means different things every day! Going home from Alaska was filled with emotion after such a big trip. Going home to all these other places each has special places in our heart.… Read More

Playing on the Kenai Peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula in Alaska is the the little (little in the scope of Alaska) Peninsula that pokes out of the Southern Coast of Alaska just south of Anchorage.  The Kenai Peninsula has it’s own personality for sure!  We ended … Read More

Driving the Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway, also known as the Alcan highway, very famous. Tales of Lack of gas, poor conditions of the road, even unpaved sections.. Just plain wives tales now. Last month we drove the great highway. Getting Started – Calgary … Read More


We have had quite a few firsts lately. We just finished 7 days “off the grid” otherwise known as Boondocking in the RV Community. Ogden, Utah – Family and More maintenance But before I get to that Mike and the … Read More

Pahrump pa pum pum

Boise, ID So just as every day since we started this adventure the days of 2017 keep flying off the calendar.. After leaving Oregon we stopped in our old hometown of Boise for the month of October. It was our … Read More

Wow! Oregon

Wow, Oregon…. Not that I’m surprised. I truly love Oregon. Mike drove separately from me as I was in Brazil while he was traveling. And we were running from the smoke as we left Montana, but the day I arrived … Read More