A Trip Up the Texas Coast with the Bretts

Texas is one of the states that RVers flock to in the wintertime. They even have a name for these folks… In Florida or Arizona they refer to them as snowbirds, but in Texas they are proudly labeled “Winter Texans”. … Read More

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory

Mike stumbled on a different job for us in January/February of this year. Because of my new career (Tour Directing. Read that here), he had to find a solo job. We wanted to stay in Texas for the total eclipse … Read More

Chicken N Pickle and Biking in Texas

We decided (largely because of the eclipse) to winter this year in Texas. We left New Mexico just after Thanksgiving with plans to visit the hill country for December then head over to the coast where we spent the rest … Read More

Our Home States : Utah and New Mexico

We spent 2/3 of 2023 in our home states, Utah for Mike New Mexico for me. Sometimes it’s just nice to go home. Heber City (Mike’s home) Most of you know we spent the summer in Heber City, Utah. We … Read More

My CBD Project

Last Summer I decided I’d like to know more about CBD and where it comes from. What better way than to grow some myself.… Read More

Our Own Little Caravan

Yep, we did a thang. We upgraded our RV. Super cool, but we didn’t get the old RV sold before we left Arizona. So we had to Caravan to Utah!… Read More

Big Bend

Details of our visit to Big Bend National Park – Leaving Texas Winter of 2022. Only 2 nights, and a quick visit to see a big park.. Big Bend National Park!… Read More

A Century of the Christopher Land

After 100 years years of ownership, with no one in the family having visited. We take the opportunity to venture out to the Christopher Land. 40-acres of desert property in West Texas, 3 miles from the border.… Read More