Big Bend

Details of our visit to Big Bend National Park – Leaving Texas Winter of 2022. Only 2 nights, and a quick visit to see a big park.. Big Bend National Park!… Read More

What! an RV Inspector?!

In late 2018 we went to an RV show in San Antonio and learned about professional RV Inspection Services. This is like House Inspections when you buy a house, except of course, it’s RV Inspections for when you buy an … Read More

On the road to a better life

I feel a bit of a love story coming on. Today, you see, is our anniversary. The anniversary of when I met this beautiful man 21 years ago today on an online dating site. I tried online dating because with … Read More


Well, for the second year in a row we decided to spend our summer on Flathead lake in Montana. We have never wanted to come back to the same place twice, after all we have wheels. Although on the same … Read More

Manifesting Life in Sedona

We spent a month in Camp Verde Arizona, primarily to visit the mystical and beautiful Sedona. It did not disappoint! Magic and manifestation happened all around us. I do love manifesting.… Read More

Exploring Montana with Robyn and Jeremy

A month or so ago our friends, Jeremy and Robyn Chancey visited us here at Wayfarers state park. We first met them in Pahrump, as they are part of our”Pandemic Pickleballers” group (read that post here). We all left Pahrump … Read More

Going Home

Going home means different things to different people. In the RV, going home means different things every day! Going home from Alaska was filled with emotion after such a big trip. Going home to all these other places each has special places in our heart.… Read More

Playing on the Kenai Peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula in Alaska is the the little (little in the scope of Alaska) Peninsula that pokes out of the Southern Coast of Alaska just south of Anchorage.  The Kenai Peninsula has it’s own personality for sure!  We ended … Read More