These product are all items we use personally and feel are fantastic additions to our life, and would be interesting to our readers. Many of them are great options for full-time RVer’s. We also think they will fit into your life even if you are not an RVer. Take a look, if you buy through our link we get paid a small commission, but mostly we just want you to know about all the cool stuff.

Eastern Odyssey

Take a peak into my childhood. In 1973 the Swenson family took a trip around the world. This is the book we wrote about the experience, published 50 years later. Written by 4 of the family members as it happened. If you read my blog, if you like my writing today, you might like to read the book that started it all….

Send Out Cards

Perfect if you are a mom, a business owner, a grandparent, a friend, live in an RV and have little space, or jest want a relationship building tool that will make you a better person all the while saving you money, time, and frustration.


A Rebounder Mini-Trampoline you can trust
Buying a mini trampoline rebounder is a great idea, but before you buy, make sure you’re getting a quality exercise trampoline. Many mini trampolines use weak steel springs, or bungee cords causing sinking and pronation of feet and knees. That can cause back problems. Using them in combination with home workouts, could cause serious injury. That’s where the Cellerciser® home exercise trampoline comes into play. Take your fat burning workouts and strengthening exercises to a new level with this innovative product that is designed with triple-tiered™ carbon steel anodized springs and all-steel construction to ensure a safe, durable exercise rebounder.

Folds into a small size for storage, comes with a carry on luggage bag, Perfect for exercise under the awning of your RV.  Exercise on a rainy day!