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 Well, Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday has come and gone, but if you still are looking for the last few gifts, I’m now going to give shameless plug for our book, Eastern Odyssey!!

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It’s a true story about a family (mine) who took a trip around the world in 1973. The book is a compilation of diaries of four family members, all at different ages and stages of life, and their perspective of our three-month stay in Japan and 2 months traveling cross Soviet Union on the trans-siberian railway during the cold war.. Our trip culminates with 6 months in Switzerland, but now 46 years later we want to share the experiences with you of the first 146 days.

Those who have previewed the book have found it interesting and amusing (and these are not just friends and family members!)… I suspect you will find it interesting too, as well as anyone on your gift list who enjoys a good story of a family adventure.  Don (my father) is a world renowned physicist, and although his professional expertise made this venture possible, it is just the backdrop for the real story of a family traveling together and the perspectives of 4 different ages, each telling the same story in a different way.

We, of course are very excited to see the book in print and on Amazon.  For us the book began 12 years ago when we typed up the diaries for our own use, only after that (because of the response) did we think that there was broader appeal.  It’s so good this many years later to see it actually available to everyone.

The book is available at Amazon for $14.95, and there is still time to order before Christmas!  If Amazon reports that the book is out of stock (which is happening frequently), you can order a signed copy directly from me for $14.95 and I’ll send it priority if you need it fast for $6.00.

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If you have read it, please write a review for us on Amazon or leave comments on the facebook page. We’d LOVE to hear what you think!

Until next time…. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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