Ice Maker Water Supply Valve Replacement

One of the first things to check after winter storage is for water leaks. When we attached the water line to the motor home, and turned it on, water poured down the outside of the motor home from the refrigerator access panel. We have a leak, I did not need a RV technician to tell me this one! Quickly shutting the water off, I removed the access panel and turned the water back on. Sure enough there was the leak, from a little valve feeding water to the ice maker. Luckily, there is an inline water shut off valve.

Steps to replace the Ice Maker Water Supply Valve:

New Valve

1 – Remove the access panel. There are four ¼ turn plastic screws the stay attached to the panel.

Access Panel

2 – Locate the 1/4 turn shut off valve to turn the water supply off.

Water Shut Off Valve

3 –Remove the two electrical connectors. They just slip onto the flat pins and may require a little pressure to pull off.

4 – Remove the water line from the top of the valve that feeds the ice maker (water output).

Water Output Connector

5 – Remove the water line from the bottom that feeds the valve (water input).

Water Input Connector

6 – Remove the water valve by removing the 2 or 3 phillips head screws holding the bracket in place.

New Valve on Right. Cracked Valve on Left

7 – Remove the valve from the bracket.

8 – The bracket is in two sections, one old section must be used on the new valve.

Old Bracket Piece to Reuse on Left

9 – Install the new valve and bracket on to the old bracket section.

10 – Install the new valve assembly into place with the phillips head screws.

New Valve in Place

11 – Attach the upper (output) water line to the valve.

Note: Teflon tape is not required on either water connection.

12 – Attach the lower (input) line to the valve.

13 – Turn the water valve back on.

14 – Attach the two electrical connectors.

15 – Turn on the city water or 12V pump.

16 – Check for leaks.

17 – Reinstall the access panel and ensure the ¼ turn screws are secure.

Another job complete!

Note: This process is for a Fleetwood Bounder motor home with Domitec Refrigerator. The repair process should be similar on any RV.  You my have to purchase a different replacement valve match your RV Refrigerator Ice Maker.

Parts required:

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