RV Bathroom Shower Valve Replacement

RV Shower Valve Replacement. Replacing a leaking or unattractive shower valve is one of the  easiest repairs an RV owner can do. It takes only one tool, a phillips screw driver, and less then a 1/2 hour. The first step … Read More

Ice Maker Water Supply Valve Replacement

One of the first things to check after winter storage is for water leaks. When we attached the water line to the motor home, and turned it on, water poured down the outside of the motor home from the refrigerator … Read More

RV Electric Step Repair

RV Step Repair. The electric steps on a motor home see a lot of use and breakdowns are common. This is a easy to moderate repair job that anyone with patience can accomplish. We’ve seen multiple stair failures for a … Read More

Toilet Water/Flush Valve Replacement

When the toilet in your RV quits working, panic is sure to follow.  After checking to see we had a city water connection and trying the 12V electric pump, I determined water was not getting to the toilet. However, water … Read More


We have had quite a few firsts lately. We just finished 7 days “off the grid” otherwise known as Boondocking in the RV Community. Ogden, Utah – Family and More maintenance But before I get to that Mike and the … Read More

RV Storage Bin Repair

RV Storage Bin Repair There are a continuing array of repairs required on any RV. To make matters worse, we cause some of them by being careless or lazy. One such repair was caused when I needed to move my … Read More